|| About Me ||

I'm Rachel and I love living here in the lovely Akron, Ohio with my husband and our daughter, Eden (born May 25, 2014). I am really blessed with a job that I love and really enjoy. I work part-time for the public school system, specifically for a specialized program that offers help to homeless families in Akron. I get to work with the kids in the shelters doing arts & crafts and also help in the office. My husband, Reed, gets to work from home so we're both pretty darn blessed. His job is in sales, but he's really a musician at heart. We believe in the power of prayer and spirituality and desire to learn how to love others and one-another better everyday. I believe that if Christians were more loving than condemning, we'd be better examples of what it's really all about.

I like to blog about things that inspire me and things that make me happy. I love the blogging community and have found it to be a great place for meeting new& interesting people, inspiration and a great creative outlet in general.

Feel free to stay awhile or get in touch :)


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