Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Very Thrifted Easter

A few weeks ago, I found Eden some cute little Goodwill finds for Easter.. including a pretty Easter basket, little bunny, new shoes and plastic eggs. They were also selling cute little letters for 20-cents! The basket itself was only $1.00.

Around the same time, Liz (Eden's babysitter) found this adorable floral dress for her to wear. Isn't it the perfect Easter dress? It will probably be chilly so she'll definitely need a little sweater with it. The dress was thrifted too.. I just can't remember which store she found it in.

I love Easter. I love all the silly stuff (like getting dressed up, Easter egg hunts, candy, etc.) and also the spiritual meaning of redemption, etc. It's such a special time of year - the promise of more sunny days warmer weather.. spring flowers! I love it all.

Hope you had a great weekend,

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  1. Eden is going to LOVE her Easter Basket and look great in that cute, little dress! Hope the weather cooperates so you get some cute family Easter photos!

    Also, so great to see you ladies today and hope Eden enjoyed her time thrifting. She is hilarious!



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