Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

I've never really been into Valentine's Day. For some reason I just found it kind of annoying. However, I was weirdly into it this year. I think it has to with Eden being old enough to "color" her Valentine's and get excited about giving them to people. She was also excited to receive some Valentine's from her little friends.. it was adorable.

Today she is 21 months old - so close to 2! That sounds so old. Sometimes I miss the tiny newborn days but mostly it's just so much more fun as she gets older. She's so interactive and actually has a little (adorable) personality.

As far as "celebrating"  Valentine's Day with Reed goes.. we celebrated the day after. I usually work a half day on Mondays but our office was closed for President's Day (score!). I had our babysitter keep her regular hours and he and I went on a little day date. It was the perfect way to celebrate.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

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