Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Akron Art Museum: Inside Out Project

Recently I participated in the Akron Art Museum's Inside|Out Project as a narrator for a piece of art. The Inside|Out Project brings reproductions of paintings into Akron neighborhoods and businesses. Local friends have probably noticed them around town. 

The AAA has a web app that allows community members to listen to narrations about paintings around their neighborhoods. The painting I looked at and did a brief narration for was The Brown Gloves by Raphael Gleitsmann (who was actually an Akron resident). 

The painting portrays a woman wearing a black dress, brown evening gloves and a red hat. In my narration, I talked about how the subject looked lost in thought.and despite the dark colors and general moodiness of the painting, there is still a beautiful lightness to it as well. 

The subject's pairing of brown and black actually inspired this outfit (pictured above). A lot of people think that you can't wear black and brown at the same time. I tend to separate them myself. Sometimes, however, I actually like the way they look together. When I found this jacket at Goodwill a few weeks ago, I loved the pairing of black and brown in the same piece. The Brown Gloves inspired me to add the pop of burgundy to offset both neutrals. 

It was really fun to participate in this project. I am such a fan of the Akron Art Museum and their great projects like Inside|Out. 

Hope you had a great weekend! 

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