Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Years of Blogging

Well it's been a little while.. I find that when I'm experiencing a lack of inspiration in regard to blogging it's best not to force it! Anyway.. I started this little blog in January of 2011.. making it 5 years of blogging this year.

Blogging has been such a fun and enlightening experience! The best part by far being the friendships that have come out of being part of the blogging community.. local, national and international friendships.

This blog has seen countless outfits, recipe creations, hair colors and styles, DIY projects, thrifted finds, etc. It's been there through 3 moves, buying a house, trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant, growing a baby, becoming a mother, opening a Vintage shop on Etsy and about a thousand thrift trips.

I love this blog for keeping my memories and ideas for safe keeping. I love it as an "archive of inspiration". I've neglected it, but it's always there waiting for an update when I'm ready.

So here's to blogging and all the wonderful things that come with it!

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  1. Happy Bloggerversary! I'm glad for blogs, too - I'm not sure how else I would have ever met you!



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