Thursday, November 19, 2015

Goodwill Finds

I recently went on a Goodwill Shopping Excursion with my fellow blogger, neighbor and friend, Abby. We both got some great items and loved checking out some different Goodwill stores. Another local blogger and friend, Dina was co-hosting the event and offering thrift tips, so that was great too! 

Here are some of my finds:

Abby actually found this scarf - it was only $2! I also got the pants for only $4. They are ankle length and slim fit. I love the black leather detail around the waist and pockets! This sweater I got from our most recent swap. It's Vintage and lavender, such a pretty combination. 

These pants were only $1.50! All yellow tags were $1.50, such a great deal. This top is another piece that I got from the most recent swap. I love the pattern of these pants and the loose fitting, comfy material. They're a little short, so I may turn them into shorts for the summer. 

I got this sweater for $2.00 for Eden. It appears to be for a little boy, but sometimes I like to put her in gender neutral clothes anyway. It's almost brand new! 

Abby found this skirt too! Isn't it great? I won't say how much I paid for it because I'm going to wear it a few times and then list it in the Vintage shop :)

Can't get enough of the Goodwill - their mission, friendly staff and great finds.. always a win! 


  1. Such great stuff! I'm such a slacker, but one day I will post my finds. Thanks for going with me! Glad I didn't have to ride alone with "Jim" to catch the bus!


  2. THAT SKIRT OMG. Thanks so much for coming!


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