Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Three Things (Life Lately)

1. Fall is in full swing and while I agree that the changing leaves are absolutely gorgeous, I can't help but mourn our long summer days spent outside. Going for after dinner walks because it's a warm evening (and the sun's out past 7pm). Spending all day walking around the neighborhood and playing at the water table. We are definite outdoor lovers, Eden included. She's constantly going up to the back door and suggesting: "side?" Today was 70 degrees - the perfect fall day. Chilly morning and evening, warm afternoon, complete with the fall colors. This is the type of fall day that make the transition easier.

2. Over the weekend, we celebrated my sister-in-law and soon to be baby niece! She's due on Thanksgiving - how fun is that? Pictured above are both of my SIL's, who I love dearly. I am so excited to have another little girl to join Eden and Cora at family functions :)

3. I'm still working two days a week and when I find an outfit I like, I try to take a picture so that I have an archive of outfits to throw together on work days. I'm not a huge ruffle person, but this gray top makes them seem less ultra-girly and more work appropriate.

Hope you're having a fantastic fall so far,

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