Thursday, July 30, 2015

Three Things (Life Lately)

1. First and foremost, my good friend and Vintage partner, Carrie, had her baby! Little Arlo Lee was born on July 25th and he's absolutely perfect! He and Eden are exactly 14 months apart, the 25th is a special day :) Welcome to the world, baby Arlo and congratulations to Carrie and Kevin! (Picture of Carrie and Arlo was taken by Kevin, the proud dad). 

2. Summer is in full swing and we are loving it. The other day, we spent the day in Lakewood at Reed's sister's house. Eden loves playing with her cousin Cora (they are only 3 weeks apart!) and they are so cute together. We filled up Cora's baby pool with water and let the girls get naked and play. It was adorable.

3. Last weekend, I went to a summer clothing swap at NOTO. It was organized but casual and I got so many good things! I think I may have to do a separate post with some of my finds. Swapping is seriously the best. AbbyJessica and I are planning another large-scale swap that will be in September. Check out the facebook event page here. More info on that coming soon! 


  1. I love that Eden has a cousin that close in age. Built in besties!!!!

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