Sunday, July 12, 2015

FTB Vintage Booth at Hartville 2nd Saturday Event

As I mentioned here, FTB Vintage had a booth space at the Downtown Hartville Old Fashioned Day. If you have't been to downtown Hartville, it's worth checking out - it's adorable!

We had most of our collection, including a preview of our fall line. We used a ribbon tagging system, which worked out really well. We even brought Dotty along!

Carrie had a baby class in the morning, but I was so glad she was able to make it in the afternoon! No to mention, her baby is ready to make his way into the world any day now. She's a trooper!

I had so much setting up the booth, decorating and planning the layout! I was glad to have our tent, it was a beautiful, sunshine-y day! Thanks to those who stopped by :)

Happy Sunday,

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  1. Coolness! How fun! I hope everything went well!


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