Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thrifted Finds

I had the best luck at the Village Discount Outlet the other day! I never find this many things for me at the thrift store - but with the deals I got I couldn't say no. 

1. Floral Chiffon Top: $5

2. H&M Striped Tank: $4

3. Chicco's Silky Top: $6 (half-off $12).

4. Vintage Cropped Jacket $6 (half-off $12)

5. Polka Dot Top: $3 (half-off $6)

6. Old Navy Overalls for Eden: $3

I went back and forth on numbers 3 and 4 for awhile - they are more than I usually spend thrifting (it's thrifting!), but I ultimately decided the wear I would get out of them for the office would make it worth it. Honestly, for me, it's actually more about closet space than a few extra dollars! But I try to do a little clean out every time I bring more home. 

I also got a pair of booties for $3 (half-off $6) that aren't pictured above, but you can see them here from my instagram post. 

I think I'm most excited about number 1 - the floral pattern is just so gorgeous! I actually have plans to wear number 2 under number 1.. stripes & florals anyone? :)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Great finds! I was thinking the same thing about wearing Numbers 1 and 2 together. Great minds!


  2. I love number 3! Looks so breezy and comfortable.

  3. What great luck! I'm inspired to thrift today haha :D



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