Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thrifted Polka Dot Dress

Last weekend, I found this adorable polka dot dress at the Salvation Army for $2.99! It's actually from Target (not sure when), but a few people asked me if it was Vintage when I wore it. It has the cutest pockets on the chest, pleated skirt and sheer sleeves. I can't believe it was only $2.99 (I would have paid a lot more for it!).

You can't see it very well in these pictures, but this necklace was one of my birthday presents from Reed and I love it. A few times, he has (very sweetly) gotten me expensive jewelry from places like Jared. While this is very thoughtful, I had to kindly tell him that I would like "everyday, inexpensive" jewelry just as much and get more wear out of it. (And that we should spend the money he would have spent on good food!) This necklace is part of Lauren Conrad's collection from Kohl's and it's adorable.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. 1, absolutely love your hair here. You look like such a babe. 2, ah-mazing thrift find! I'd totally think that was vintage, too. I love the sweet pleats, and it gives off this incredibly feminine charm. Them thrifting skills lady ;)

    xo marlen
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  2. This looks great on you! Good find!


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