Sunday, May 31, 2015

12 months!

One year... I have a one year old! Eden turned one on Monday and it was so special. We celebrated with about 20 family members and it was absolutely wonderful! More on that soon.

The biggest development since last month is that she now sleeps in her own bed! I loved co-sleeping and it worked well for us for several months. Since the day she was born, she hated her crib and bassinet. The act of being lowered into something once she was asleep was very offensive for her - since the day she was born! For her first 3 weeks of life she slept on my chest and I slept propped up in bed. This helped facilitate night-time breastfeeding and it was the only way she would sleep more than 30 minutes at a time! After that she would sleep next to me. We followed all the safety guidelines and for us it was practical and wonderful. Fast forward 11 months and she was crawling, rolling, kicking in her sleep.. all contributing to the fact that she really needed her own space at night. But she still hates the crib.. so she still sleeps in a queen bed. I realize that is ridiculous but it works for her! She has her own queen sized mattress on the floor in her own room and she loves it. There have been several nights where she sleeps 11 hours straight without making a peep! I know she still wakes up and changes positions, but doesn't need as much help falling asleep as she once did. The nights she does wake up and need help getting back to sleep, it usually only takes one of us laying down next to her and snuggling for a little while. It's adorable.

She isn't walking unassisted yet, but she loves cruising around the living room while holding onto the couch or ottoman. She also loves climbing all the stairs in the house. She can actually go up and down which is pretty impressive.

A few weeks ago, I started using the back-carry with the Ergo carrier and we both love it! It's really great exercise for me and she likes the closeness. After some practice, I'm even able to get her in and out of the back carry unassisted.

She's very vocal and loves mimicking words we say. Within the last few weeks, she started using her first word! Not surprisingly, its "up" when she wants to be picked up. She says other words but this is the first one she clearly understands the meaning of and uses regularly. It's adorable.

As we approached her first birthday, I started getting very reflective about how special she is and how much we love her. I know all parents love their kids.. but it's such a cool experience when it's your own child. Parenting really is one of the hardest and best things ever. She is so much fun and has such a great disposition. The two comments I hear most about her are "her eyes are so blue!" and "Is she always this happy?". She's the best.

Eleven months
Two months


  1. Oh man! I can't believe she's one. She's the cutest and such a sweet girl. You guys got lucky and I can't wait to see her grow more.

  2. I love that she has her own big bed! Genius. She seems like the sweetest little thing. Happy one year to both of you!


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