Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

It's Eden's first Easter and it's been a great weekend! We celebrated with Reed's family yesterday and will be going to my dad's today. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Mommy-Daughter matching Easter dressing! I wish I would've made her a baby flower crown to match mine.. next year!

Eden's dress was actually a baby shower gift (it's a 2T Toddler size and it fits her at 10 months!). My dress is actually borrowed from my Vintage stock.

This happy girl and her daddy.. they melt my heart! It's such a gorgeous day and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Wishing you the happiest of Easters! 

PS - Our backyard is kinda ugly but I really wanted outside pictures (and it's in the 60's!) :)


  1. I know I say this all of the time, but what an adorable family! Definitely excited for Eden's baby flower crown next year!


  2. these pictures are too cute!! i love the matching dresses and the color is so pretty on both of you! and <3 the daddy and daughter pic. :)

    cute & little

  3. You guys maaaaatch! You know I love it.

  4. My heart just about melted over this mommy daughter matching thing. And can you imagine if he had a flower crown, too?! Please do that next year- that's just the sweetest thing haha. And i'm loving the coral pinks you chose, they look so springy and eastery all at the same time. And yay for 60 degree weather! I'm so happy winter is over that I can barely take it.

    xo marlen
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