Sunday, April 12, 2015

FTB Vintage Update Coming Soon!

Big changes and improvements are coming up for FTB Vintage and we are so excited! I'm now working with my friend Carrie (a professional photographer!) to give the shop a more professional and polished look. 

Needless to say, it's a lot more fun working with someone else on the staging, styling, etc!

We even got a mannequin (who we call "Dotty") to show the clothes in a more cohesive and consistent way. We plan on showing the item alone and "styled". The styling part has been the most fun! 

Can't wait to finish getting everything photographed and listed! I will keep you posted as to when the official "launch date" will be for the shop update. 

Thanks for your support of this blog and shop!


  1. This is so wonderful, Rachel! I've been telling you to do that for so long! Can't wait to see it and hope it helps the shop grow!

    1. Thank you! I've always really appreciated your support!!

  2. I can't wait! So far everything looks lovely! It'll be so neat to see how you style each item.


  3. How exciting! The pictures above look great! Can't wait to see the entire shop update!

  4. Yay! These pieces are amazing and I love how you styled them... it does look really professional and helps the buyer picture themselves wearing the items. It looks very clean and very polished... great job!

  5. Ah, your photography and set-up are soooo pretty. The natural lighting in my house is awful since I live on a mountain under trees, so it's definitely a challenge taking decent pics. These look professional! Loving everything here..especially that little striped top :-)


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