Monday, January 26, 2015

8 Months!

It's official, Eden turned 8 months old yesterday. They're right, it does go fast, but it keeps getting better. Since last month, she can now roll from her stomach onto her back. I've seen her go from back to belly a couple times too, but it's not as easy for her. I think it's mostly that she prefers to be on her back or sitting up instead of on her belly. She can kind of scoot around on all fours (kind of an army crawl) but mostly stays stationary. 

She still loves to sit up and play with her toys (or other items like empty water bottles). It's nice that she can entertain herself with her own toys now, but she still much prefers to be in someone's company (or held). She's the most patient in the mornings when she first wakes up (so actually, more like noon). A lot of times, I will put her little activity center in the kitchen (Gram got her this one for Christmas) and she will play in that for 20 minutes or so while I make lunch, etc. She doesn't like to play in it if Reed or I aren't in the same room as her, she likes to maintain a visual of mom or dad. 

She loves to sit in her high chair and feed herself finger foods like Cheerios. So far, Cheerios are pretty much the only thing she'll eat herself with any consistency. I always give her things like steamed carrots, peas, mandarin oranges or avocado with the Cheerios. She will always try the other things, but mostly still goes for the Cheerios and I have to help her with the other stuff. I think they are still hard for her to pick up by herself. But she can pick up the Cheerios and it's adorable. The food is mostly for fun and motor skill practice, most her nutrition still comes from breastfeeding. We are supplementing with formula even more now as my milk supply has been down even more (she's about 75% breastfed and 25% formula fed). 

We're thinking about taking her to Florida next month. I always said I would never want to take a baby on a plane, but it would basically be a free trip other than the flights, as my dad purchased a home there. Still going back and forth on it! It's so hard to plan anything in advance because she could be totally different, you just never know. She could be crawling all over the place, boycotting sleep or getting more teeth (yikes). 

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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  1. Happy 8 month bday! She's seriously a doll.

  2. TAKE THAT DARLING GIRL ON VACATION! We just arrived in Houston for a visit- Violet is doing great on planes, and I think it's because we nurse. Antibodies, ear pressure regulation. Get her used to the flying drill while she's so little, I bet she'll be a great traveller. Hugs to you!


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