Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thrifted Pants Become Headband for Baby

A few weeks ago, I shared my thrifted finds that included an adorable white and pink striped onesie ($1.50) and a pair of stretchy pants for 75-cents (half off $1.50). I got the pants specifically to turn into headbands for Eden and her little friends and cousin. 

Making the headbands is super easy - you don't even have to sew anything! I've made the sewn type too (see here), but usually just cut them out and tie them. I pick up the jersey fabrics from the thrift store and it doesn't fray. It couldn't be easier : just cut a long strip and then cut the ends into points, then tie. Oh, wash the fabric first of course.. your baby will thank you :)

Happy thrifting and happy December

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