Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thrifted Finds

The other day, I had some baby-free time to check out the Village Thrift and found a couple of great things! Always on the lookout for cute patterns in jersey material to turn into baby headbands, I got those polka dot kid pants for 75-cents! (Orange was one of the half-off colors). 

1. Red & White Striped Onesie - $1.50

2. Polka Dot Pants for Headband Fabric - 75-cents (half off $1.50)

3. Baby Sweater Vest (I mean..) - $3.00

4. White Fleece - $5.00

5. Over-sized Comfy Sweater - $5.00

Ironically, the day before this thrift trip, I had ordered this Target Fleece, and then found a similar one for $5 at the Village! So now I can return the Target one. The polka dot headband turned out so cute - stay tuned for a baby style post :)


  1. ahhhh baby style posts- the best kind of posts! Can't wait to see how the polka dots turned out, that's already sounding adorable. And you've found such great things at the Village! Whenever I go there I always find stuff super over priced, so you've restored my faith in the whole place :) Also, a baby in a sweater vest...oy, my ovaries.

    xo marlen
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