Sunday, November 30, 2014

Swapped Vintage Poncho

I picked up this beautiful, Vintage, Poncho at the last swap (detailed here!) from Lauren of NOTO Boutique. I love how unique it is! I wore it with my (thrifted) Vintage fedora and some stretchy, boot-cut jeans.

I love the clothing swaps because you can pick up new-to-you pieces that you wouldn't normally pick out.. and it's not as risky because there's no cost involved! Jessica talked about that in this post, when she had the same experience with an item she picked up from the latest swap.

It would look better without the yellow cardigan underneath, but it was so cold that day. Wouldn't this be perfect to wear apple picking? Thanks, Abby, for taking these pictures for me at the Crafternoon!

I hope you had the happiest Thanksgiving! 

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  1. Still in love with this poncho!



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