Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Six Months!

As of yesterday, Eden is now 6 months old - half of a year! The day after she turned 5 months, I saw and felt her first tooth coming in on the bottom. Fast forward a month and she now has two teeth on the bottom, almost all the way up! Crazy.

She doesn't have much interest in rolling, but loves sitting up if we help set her up. She loves her books and toys - especially her Sophie teether and mini light up piano.

She's still a night owl and loves to go to bed late and sleep-in in her swing. For now, it's fine with us as long as she clocks enough hours at night and takes good naps during the day. She still naps every two hours, and they are mostly 30 minute cat-naps except for the first nap of the day.

When I'm working two days per week (and the occasional date night), she loves her babysitter who comes to the house to watch her. It's working out really well which is a relief!

We've also started giving her solid foods! Really, it's pureed and basically still liquid, but she's eating with a spoon which is a big change. I've still been breastfeeding her and supplementing with a few ounces of formula, but we try to give her at least a few spoonfuls of pureed vegetables or fruit everyday to get her used to it. So far I think more of it ends up on her than in her, but it's a start!

Another big development that happened right around the time she turned 5 months - laughing! It's the cutest.thing.ever and the absolute best sound. We have a few tricks that will get her to giggle a little bit (if she's in the right mood) and she thinks the cats are really funny.

We've also started using the cloth diapers when we're at home. They're so much cuter than regular diapers and it makes me feel like we're being at least a little greener (and saving some money on diapers!).

I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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