Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mom Thoughts: Sacrifices and Compromises

As parents, you soon learn that your life will be full of compromises for the sake of your child. You expect it when you sign up for the job. Your life is no longer just about you personally or you both as a couple. There's a third little person in the mix now who needs you. It doesn't matter what time of the night it is, or what day of the year. Parenting isn't meant to be "convenient" or easy. It's a tough job, filled with some of the most tender and rewarding moments.

For the past few months, I've been looking forward to Halloween night. Reed's band had a show scheduled in Ohio City (at Happy Dog - such a fun venue). Our friend's band was set to be the opener and everyone was dressing in costume. Gourmet veggie dogs, craft beers, good live music and an opportunity to wear pink hair and crazy make up in public? I was excited.

But fast forward to the few days before Halloween - Eden started popping her first tooth! She was fine during the day, but in the evenings the teething pain hit her hard. She was irritable, sad and fevery. She needed me.

So I didn't go out in my pink hair and crazy make up. I stayed home and held the baby close when she was hurting. I rocked her, read to her and let her sleep on my chest (and put her in her monkey costume - shown above - just for fun).

Sure I was disappointed, but so happy and thankful that I have her here at all. In 16 years, when all she wants to do is hang out with her friends and borrow the car, I'm sure I will give anything to spend an evening with just her. Trying my best to make her smile and remembering how it used to be as easy as shaking her Hello Kitty toy. I want to soak up these special times together, while she still thinks I'm entertaining.

And after all, I still got to wear my pink hair to work :)


  1. Aww, sorry you missed your night out! You're so right about how we'll look back and miss these baby days though, soak 'em up now!!

  2. This made me a little teary eyed. You have such a great attitude. There will be plenty of Halloweens and concerts, but only one chance for that little tooth to come out. I can't deal with how cute your baby is. Those cheeks!


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