Saturday, October 4, 2014

Three Things (Life Lately)

It's been awhile since my my last 'three things' post and there have been some big changes since then!

1. First of all - I'm back at work! Just part time, usually two days per week and some from home, sometimes a random meeting or presentation thrown in on an extra day. It's been working out well so far and I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't really enjoy what I was doing. With the job I have, I feel like I can make a difference in the lives of other children even working part time. (I work for the District Homeless Education Liaison for the Akron Public Schools). We have a great babysitter that comes to the house on the days I'm working. When she's there, Reed is usually home working from upstairs, so I feel even more at ease while I'm away.

2. Another big change - I cut my hair! I hadn't had more than a trim since May of 2010, so it was time. I loved having long hair for a few years, but I was definitely ready. Plus, I was able to donate 10 inches to Locks of Love, which makes it even better!

3. While I was still pregnant, Reed and I got floor tickets to see the Black Keys in early September. We went with Chelsey and Drew (his sister and my brother - no, they're not a couple, we're all friends!) We had a great time and it was an awesome show. I wasn't the biggest fan of the new album (it's good but not my favorite), so I was really happy they played mostly older material.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Love your hair! I bet it feels so good to have a fresh new cut.

  2. Your hair looks so cute! I have debated cutting my hair, but I'm trying to grow it out... so I probably won't... :/ haha I LOVE the black keys, I bet that was a fun concert. :)

  3. LOVE the hair and the Black Keys! I wasn't the biggest fan of their most recent album either, but I agree - I think seeing them in concert would be the greatest.

  4. Playing blog catch up hah- we're seeing the Black Keys in early Dec- fingers crossed for a good set!


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