Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Record Cabinet Inspiration

You'd think that with all the thrifting I do, I would have found the perfect Record Cabinet by now.. nope. I've been on the lookout and anything I've found has been too big for the space I'm looking to fill. We're currently using an old TV stand as a Record Cabinet and while it looks fine, I would still love to find a great retro style piece to do the job! Something like one of these:

We have a great space in the dining room where we keep our current record set up. Our dining room is very open to the living room and kitchen, so when we play records you can really hear the music throughout the downstairs. 

The set up we have now has worked great since we moved in last December, but one of these days I know I am going to find the perfect Record Cabinet! Northeast Ohio people, let me know if you ever stumble upon one :) 


  1. We have the Draper Media Console from UO and really like it. We had trouble finding something small enough to fit our wall and this fit the bill perfectly. Good luck on your hunt!

  2. Record Storage is a constant issue Adam and I have! Currently, all our records are hanging out in milk crates in our living room - not very chic


  3. Such a great space for an even more incredible collection of records. I only I owned one myself.


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