Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Four Months!

Last week, our little Eden turned 4 months old! She's getting more and more interactive and it's so much fun watching her learn new things. The biggest development since the 3 month update is that now she's starting to grab for things. 

The beauty of her learning to reach and hold on to her toys is that she can entertain herself for longer. She can lay on her activity mat and be entertained on her own for a few minutes. In the world of a parent, an awake baby entertaining themselves for up to 10 minutes is like gold. Well, in our case at least. Either we've totally spoiled her or she is naturally a lover of being held.. either way,  we don't mind too much. :) Surprisingly though, she will sit in her rock n' play in the bathroom for up to 20-25 minutes and watch me get ready. She finds teeth brushing, moisturizing and make up completely fascinating, ha!

Isn't this the cutest little dress? It was a gift from our good friend Katherine (it's from Zara). 

Another development is that she is always chewing on something. Usually it's her hand but anything she can get in her little fist will end up in her mouth! 

She loves looking at books and we've been taking walks to the library around the corner to borrow their books. She still loves to eat and is up to 19.5 lbs and wearing 6-9 month clothes. I think I have more fun dressing her than myself! This mom thing is pretty darn fun :)

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  1. Those big pretty eyes, and that sweet DRESS! Love!

  2. She is way too adorable! Love her flower headband and sweet little Zara dress! <33



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