Thursday, October 30, 2014

Five Months!

Last Saturday, Eden turned 5 months old! She is growing up so fast and so big. At her 4.5 month check up a few weeks ago, she was in the 99th percentile for weight (and head circumference) and 87th percentile for weight. So basically, if there were 100 babies in a room, she would be the chunkiest one. Isn't that a funny mental picture? <I was worried her pediatrician was going to be concerned about her weight, but all she said was: "You must have really good milk!">

This baby is the sweetest and such a joy. Holding her, playing with her, reading to her and dressing her are some of my very favorite things. How kissable are those chubby cheeks? :)

She still loves to be outside and is fascinated by the colorful and crunchy leaves. She has started to try to roll over, but isn't too interested in practicing that trick yet. We started using the bath time "lounge chair" in the tub instead of the sink insert and she loves it. She has so much fun kicking and splashing in the water. She loves the cats and when we help her "pet" them. 

The biggest development since last month is our discovery of the magical, God-sent, Snugabunny Swing. We got it a few weeks ago in an effort to get her to take longer naps alone. It didn't work for naps, but we discovered that if we put her in the swing after a morning feeding, she will sleep-in for hours. A few weeks ago, I put her in there around 8:30am and she slept in there til 2:00pm (that was on swap day, it was amazing!). She will usually sleep in the swing until at least noon, and sometimes later. She's still a night owl - if she goes to sleep before 11:00pm, she treats it like a nap and will be up and ready to party in 30-45 minutes. If she didn't sleep in til noon, I would be concerned about her getting enough sleep.. but since she will sleep in that swing for hours (and give us some good baby-free hours in the morning), we're just rolling with it for now. Her doctor thinks she got the night owl gene from her dad :)

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  1. oh snap! I JUST bought the bouncer version of your swing because our old one was demolished. I hope it works a fraction of the magic the swing does! Eden is a doll!

  2. Her little baby pants are so cute. Can't wait to hang out with her again soon!

  3. She is so adorable! What a gorgeous little baby.


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