Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mom Thoughts: Baby Hands

Have you ever noticed how everyone loves baby feet? Their tiny little toes and toenails are undeniably adorable. For me, though.. it's Eden's hands that can melt my heart.

The way she always had them by her face when she was a tiny newborn. 

The way they looked in her little newborn mittens to protect her from scratching herself. 

The way she rests her hand on my chest when she's nursing. 

The way she grabs at her toys and tries to inspect them (or eat them). 

The way she rubs her eyes when she's sleepy. 

The way she smiles (and sometimes half giggles!) when I wash her hands in the bath or wipe them with a baby-wipe. (I think it tickles). 

I love her feet, but there is just so much life and humanity in her hands. That sounds strange, I know.. but when you're pregnant and there is a baby the size of a pea growing inside of you, it's hard to imagine that baby as a real, live person. 

But here she is! Learning and growing everyday. Using her hands to help her discover the world around her. 

I can't wait to see what those tiny hands do in the years to come. Hands that will learn to color, to write, to build and to help others. And someday, she may use those hands cradle a baby of her own. Another baby with tiny, amazing hands and the most adorable little fingers. 

What a lucky mom I am.


  1. So many beautiful thoughts... I too adore little baby hands, particularly how they look so tiny and wrinkled when they are first born, and then they become all plump and dimply! ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  2. It's incredible to think that there's so much out there she has yet to touch and explore.

    7% Solution

  3. Such beautiful words, and so true indeed :)


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