Thursday, September 18, 2014

Around the Garden

Isn't it a great feeling when everything in your salad came from your own garden? That is exactly what is happening below and it was unbelievably flavorful and fresh. 

Our backyard is tiny, but that didn't stop us from planting some herbs and veggies this year! I love having these items at hand fresh from the garden. 

I tried lettuce for the first time this year and it's definitely thriving! I think it likes all the rain we've had this summer. 

Of course, tomatoes. We have tomatoes galore!

This year I decided to try cherry tomatoes for the first time. They are growing like crazy and are so juicy and sweet, definitely doing these again. 

We also planted a few mild green pepper plants. They're not doing as well as the other plants, but the few that we've been able to harvest have been really good. 

It's funny, we went to my favorite garden center (Donzell's) to get all of these plants on my due date when I was pregnant with Eden (May 24th). I went into labor at 3am that night, so needless to say we didn't get around to planting them right away. Luckily, they all survived and are now thriving in their pots or in the ground. 

Here's to home grown produce!

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