Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thrifted Pajamas Become Baby Cardigan

I've had so much fun with the baby DIY's recently! My most recent project was turning a pair of thrifted pajamas into a lightweight cardigan. The footie pajamas are easy to find, but lightweight cardigans? Not so much. 

I thrifted this pair of pajamas for $2.00 to turn into the perfect lightweight cardigan to keep the baby warm in the air conditioning. All I did was cut the bottom of the pajamas off. First with a rough cut, then opened up and cut very slowly in a straight line. If you pick the right fabric, it won't even need a hem!

I also decided to add a little pop of pink in the form of a stitched on heart. I did this the same way I stitched the heart onto her Brown's outfit (here!), using a piece of paper to trace a heart onto the fabric, then cutting it out and hand-stitching it onto the pajamas. 

The pink fabric came from a $2.00 tank top - perfect for a pop of pink in the heart and of course, a stretchy headband to match!

Hope you have a great weekend, happy Saturday!


  1. I love Eden's face in the "after" photo. She is just too cute!


  2. She is such a doll! And this is such a great idea. I need to get Norah some cardigans so she stays warm at daycare.


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