Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thrifted Finds

The other day, I was able to hit the Salvation Army while I was out running errands. Always one of my favorite stops, it did not disappoint! It happened to be family day, where all the tags except for one color are half off. Score! I found a great Vintage skirt, a moomoo refashion project, mini beer mug and pants to turn into baby headbands for E and some of her little friends. 

1. Vintage Floral Skirt : $2.00 (half off $3.99). I love this floral pattern and the colors so much!

2. Mini Mug : 25-cents (half off 49-cents). Sometimes I only like having half of a beer and I always love a frozen mug.. so this is perfect for those times.

3. Pretty Patterned Dress : $2.50 (half off $5.99). This dress is huge but I love the print and think it will make a nice little refashion project.

4. Striped Pants (to turn into baby headbands) : $1.00 (half off $1.99). I love finding items like this that are made of cute, stretchy material that will translate well into baby headbands.

I already wore the floral skirt to a little blogger get together the other day, so I will be sharing that with you soon!


  1. Next blogger get-together HAS to be a thrifting expedition!

    - That skirt is a beaut!
    - I'm so, so curious about the moomoo refashion!



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