Sunday, August 3, 2014

90-cent Thrifted Socks Become Baby Leg Warmers

Anyone who has spent any time caring for an infant will agree that as cute as little baby pants are, they're also a pain considering the frequent diaper changes. I wanted to keep Eden's legs warm (now that we have AC!), without the inconvenience of little leggings or pants. I realized that the top of a sock would make the perfect sized little leg warmers! I found some cheap socks at the Thrift store and cut the top part off. <The bottom part actually makes a nice little slipper sock for an adult>.

They look really cute on her and keep her little legs warm - win win! They're also really easy to slip off if she gets too warm.

Definitely going to be looking for a variety of colors for her!

Hope you had a great weekend,


  1. This is adorable She is adorable.

  2. Are you serious! This is too cute for words.

  3. OH MY WORD. I can't handle the cuteness. She's so chubby and adorable!

  4. Oooo good idea! She's so cute!


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