Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zucchini Pasta

I'm sure you've seen the Zucchini Pasta pins popping up all over Pinterest (like this one and this one).. and I've got to tell you - it's definitely worth trying! We've had a Mandolin for a few years (since my obsession with making sweet potato chips began). And now I have a new favorite thing to make with it - zucchini pasta. It's so easy and so good with some marina sauce. All we do is heat it up in the microwave to 30 seconds to a minute with some good marinara sauce. It's so easy and totally hits the spot without all the carbs of pasta! 

I've started buying a few zucchini's at a time and then slicing them up into noodles to eat throughout the week. It makes a super quick and healthy meal or snack. I'm so glad to have found another great use for our mandolin! If you're not familiar with this gadget, check this one out. 

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. We eat it everyday! Marinara sauce, some garlic salt, and a little mozzarella cheese. Or pesto!

  2. Nice, I also have a Mandolin and never use it. I just made zucchini pizza on the George Forman and it was amazing. I've got to put my gadget to work and try this.


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