Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Hair Styles

When it's hot and humid, all I want out of my hair is for it to stay off my neck! I've gotten bored with a regular old pony tail or bun and want to try a few other interesting ways wear my hair up. These are a few ideas I've found that I definitely want to try...

1. This bun is actually made from a braid. She pulled it apart into a loose braid before pinning it up.. genius! (Found in this post on

2. This look is made up of three braids pinned low. She also teased the top a little bit which looks really pretty. (Found here on Hey Wanderer)

3. I love the loose braid going into the loose, low bun. It looks effortless but still gorgeous. (Found from this post on Once Wed.)

4. Isn't this double braid look fun? I love the messiness of the bun too. (Found in this post on

Can't wait to try these style ideas! Do you have a favorite? 


  1. This makes me wish I had hair :(

  2. Love these and can't wait to try them out! Really love the last one :)

    Haaappy Summer!
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  3. ooh! i think i need to try look #2. i love styles that fall at the nape of my neck :)
    xo jac


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