Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts

Nothing says summer like a pair of cut offs. They are comfortable, easy and definitely a summer staple in my book. Since I still have some baby weight to lose (and I won't stop eating ice cream), my cut off shorts from last year are still a little tight. Nothing a trip to the thrift store and a pair of scissors can't solve. 

To do this project, I started by picking up some jeans at the thrift store (during this trip). I found some that fit comfortably and were $3.99, which is pretty good for jeans.

Step 1: Try the jeans on and decide how short you want them to be. I cut them a little longer at first to make sure I didn't go too short. You can always take more off, you can't put more back on. 

Step 2: After you get the shorts to a length you like, get a piece of sandpaper and some scissors to add some holes. I like to start a few small holes with scissors and then tear them into bigger holes, then use the sandpaper to rough them up a little bit. It also looks really realistic to just use sandpaper to make the holes. I like to add sandpaper worn holes on the pockets. 

Step 3: After cutting and "destroying" the shorts, wash them. After washing them, use scissors to cut off the excess strings. I like to leave some of the strings, but trim off the a lot of them. 

That's it, it's a really simple project and way better than buying pre-destroyed cut offs from a retailer, in my opinion.

Hope you've had a great summer so far!


  1. baby weight? what baby weight? you look great to me!

  2. Wow! Who knew sandpaper could make a great pair of jeans look even better! Thanks for this post.

    You look awesome btw! Hope you and baby are doing well!


  3. Never knew the trick about the sandpaper! I just made a pair of cutoffs for myself, but they're more of the traditional "boyfriend" style. Thinking I may have to try your style out next!


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