Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thrifting with a Baby...

Eden is  four weeks old today (!) and Friday, we took our first thrifting trip together. This was actually my first solo outing with her. Reed and I have gone a few places with her together.. but until now I've been a little nervous to go it alone. Friday though.. I felt like we were ready. So off to the Salvation Army we went..

She's still really young.. but I figured if nobody was touching her then she'd be fine to be out in public. I figured the Salvation Army was a good place to start because it's close and I know the layout well - and know there are fitting rooms and a restroom. We ended up in the fitting room 3 different times.. once when I was legitimately trying on some pants and the other two times for nursing. 

She fell asleep during the first nursing session, so I thought we were golden. Then, some guy dropped and broke a vase right by where we were browsing.. and it startled her awake and she realized she was still hungry (hangry, actually). Thanks a lot, dude. So back to the fitting room we went...

(Gotta love the dirty, thrift store mirror)

Overall, it was definitely a success. E is good about getting fussy before she straight out wails.. so if I noticed her getting irritated I just picked her up and she would quiet down. But I realized, even if she started crying.. it's not like people haven't heard it before. You can't be afraid of a little crying.

I really want for us to be able to maintain our normal routines and hobbies (to some extent..) with the baby, so I'm happy this little trip was a success. Ah, mom life. I really am loving it :)

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Yay for your and baby's first outing! You're super brave and I'm glad it went smoothly. Great mentality about people hearing crying babies before. People will understand where you're coming from, and those that don't (you know the ones that will roll their eyes and huff and puff at the crying sound) really don't matter. So let her cry away! It's the only way she can communicate right now ;)

  2. What a fun experience! I LOVE that your first outing with her was thrifting. Hilarious! She's absolutely beautiful, what an angel. And LOL at the guy, of course that would happen at SA.


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