Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts at 40 weeks

  • Well here we are on my official due date! I have been 1.5cm dilated and 70% effaced since May 8th.. and no progress since then! 

  • I'm not a huge egg person (it's kind of weird when you think about what they are, right?), but lately I've been loving omelets. I always add spinach, tomatoes, avocado and sometimes cheese and peppers. (See above)

  • I have also been eating a lot of fruit (loving strawberries, mangoes and pineapple the best), avocado on wheat toast or Wasa crackers and ice cream (usually in moderation..).

  • Even at 40 weeks, I'm not unbearably uncomfortable, we are just so excited! (And if she comes early enough, I will be more likely to be able to attend the NOTO Fashion Show!)

  • My biggest "complaints" are: insomnia and frequent bathroom trips (I'm always thirsty!). 

  • I don't love love being pregnant in general. I love the fact that I am pregnant and I definitely enjoy being pregnant.. but some people just love it and I'm not one of those. I don't like the attention from strangers (now that my belly is huge) and I don't like that I can't just up and go for a run, dance by the stage during R's bands' shows or drink a beer or two. Yes, I realize that's childish.. but I love my routines! 

  • Now that the baby is so low, she has stopped kicking me in the ribs, which is so nice!

  • Surprisingly, I'm not afraid of labor. I know my body has been preparing for this and I know the nurses and doctor will take good care of us. I also plan on laboring in a birthing tub and then getting an epidural (when and if I feel like I need it), so that takes away a lot of the fear! 

  • I'm usually a pretty "granola" person, so I wish I was one of those strong women who felt like they could push through labor without any drugs or assistance, but I know myself. I want the experience to be peaceful (if that is possible?) and happy and not traumatic. (I do plan on using cloth diapers after the first month or so, so can I still call myself a semi-granola mom?)

  • I'm just really excited to see Reed become a dad. I think it will be so special and sweet.

We're ready whenever you are, baby!

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  1. Well now that I'm reading this and baby has arrived....congratulations! So happy for you. And I get it, beer is good.


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