Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nursery Update: Gallery Wall

I've finally finished the little gallery wall behind the changing table! I bought several adorable prints from Etsy and also got some cute wooden pieces to decorate. I got the flamingo and elephant prints from Eastwitching - Whimsical Watercolor Animals and the floral prints from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy

I got the mini chalkboard, wooden E , wooden sun and butterflies from JoAnn Fabrics and got paint to match the color scheme. 

I used the butterflies to hang some adorable outfit that also match the color scheme. The E actually came white, but I'm thinking about painting it turquoise to add even more color. 

We got the South Shore Peak-a-boo Collection Changing Table from Amazon and R assembled that a few weeks ago. I wanted to add a little color to the plain white knobs it came with, so added some cute, little flowers. 

I've really loved customizing the nursery based on our own style and color choices.. it's been such a labor of love. This weekend will mark the two week mark to our due date, which is crazy! 

Tonight is the Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show and I can't wait! Excited to share more about it soon.


  1. oh, wow, i love those prints! i think the flamingo is my favorite :) you're little one is going to have the cutest nursery!
    xo jac

  2. I love the color combination of the room! Take full advantage of nesting mode--it was one of my favorite times of my pregnancy :)


  3. I love everything about this, down to the little colorful dots you painted on those knobs! You have such a great eye for interior design; I hope I can make my home look half as amazing as yours someday!

    PS: You looked absolutely gorgeous at the show last night! My friends were raving about that dress on you!

    - Gina

  4. Her nursery is adorable! I especially love that you already hung up some of her outfits. Little baby E is going to be so stylish!


  5. Her nursery is so cute. I kind of wish I had a room that cute :)

  6. Oh Rachel! I love it. You're going to be the sweetest mom ever.


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