Friday, May 2, 2014

Baby Quilt!

The nursery is coming together! I should hope so, given that I only have about 3 weeks until my due date...

In this post I talked about our color theme - turquoise, gray and coral. Feminine but not too too girly :) My stepmom's friend offered to make us a baby quilt, and we had so much fun shopping for fabrics. We got some extra fabrics to use on the fabric covered canvases we made as wall art. It's been really fun to get to hand pick (and hand make!) a lot of the nursery decor. 

Anyway, above is the finished quilt and it turned out so cute! She put the gray chevron on the back, so I love that it's reversible. It will look so cute hanging over the side of the crib. 

It's funny, I always pictured myself having a boy. I don't know why, but I never pictured myself as a mom to a girl, it was always a boy. When we had the ultrasound to determine the sex, it didn't sink in right away - we were too excited that the baby was genuinely alive and developing normally. Seeing your baby move all around before you can feel it is amazing. After the appointment, we went to lunch and that's where it sunk in. The baby was alive and well... and it was a girl! Every picture in my head changed and we were just so excited.

I realize now that whatever you end up having..  is exactly what you've always wanted. 

And you really can't go wrong either way :)

Happy Friday!


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