Wednesday, May 14, 2014

38 Weeks at the Rubber Ducks Game

Over the weekend, I was honored to be part of the "Women & Baseball" event at the Rubber Ducks Game. The Rubber Ducks are Akron's Minor League Baseball Team, formerly the Akron Aero's. Earlier this year, my boss (kindly) nominated me for one of the Summit County Historical Society's Woman of the Year Awards.. surprisingly, I actually won for "creativity" for one of my special projects at the Battered Women's Shelter - such an honor! Anyway, the Rubber Ducks asked some of us award winners to throw a first pitch at the special "Women & Baseball" game on Saturday. It was really fun and I loved that they focused the evening on celebrating local women and their achievements. 

I actually thrifted this top when I was shopping for the Goodwill Fashion Show with Jessica. I knew it was the perfect maternity top because of the stretch and the length. The pants are legit maternity from Gabriel Brother's. They're a stretchy denim material and actually really comfortable. 

Throwing a pitch from the actual pitcher's mound to the home plate 2 weeks before my due date was a stretch, but I'm so glad I did it! I almost threw the ball all the way to the catcher.. but not quite. Reed was proud that I threw it straight and overhand.

Can't believe this baby will be here any day now! My niece was born on May 4th and I just love her so much already (see?). We are so excited! 

Happy Wednesday,


  1. What a wonderful organization to be a part of. You look great for 38 weeks! I hope everything is going well and you and your hubby are enjoying your last moments pre-baby. (Get as much sleep as you can!)


  2. Can't wait to see your little girl when she gets here! You look beautiful.

  3. This is so random! But that sounds/looks like a lot of fun and that shirt is super cute on you.

  4. You Go Mama!!! Your blog is the cutest!!


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