Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Thrifted Things

Since our little scare last week (detailed here), I've been taking on a much lighter load at work. I've been doing some things from home and going into the office much less. As much as I love my co-workers and my job, it's so nice to have more time to relax and prepare. And run errands that include a pit-stop at the thrift store :)

These are my most recent little finds. The last few books I've read have been important, educational, parenting/baby books. All very good, but I wanted to get a mindless, fun read for a break from baby stuff. I found I don't know how she does it for 99-cents. It was made into a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker in 2011 (see?) and conveniently, I can watch it on Netflix after I finish the book. We set up the hammock in the backyard recently, it's the perfect reading spot! Now we just have to work on getting the sun to come out more.

I also found:

3 cute little woven bamboo cups for 49-cents each - perfect for some little plants!

A wicker storage basket for $2.99.. perfect for keeping some of baby's books and toys downstairs.

The cutest pink & gray elephant pajama set for $1.99. It will be awhile before she can even fit into it, but apparently we're having a huge baby (could be a 9+ pounder, see here). Yes, I'm being dramatic about it, haha.

Happy Friday!

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