Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits & Veggies: Smoothies and Popsicles

I'm always looking for ways to eat fruits and vegetables. We got a Vitamix Blender a few years ago and haven't looked back since. It's crazy expensive (which you know isn't my style), but I have to say, it's been worth it. Every other blender we've had has broken after a few months and can't even handle a few chunks of ice. We figured that if there is anything we want to invest in, it would be our health. This thing makes smoothies, hummus, etc. in a snap. All that being said, I'm sure you'd be fine with another blender too. 

I love to make a few smoothies at a time and store them in mason jars in the fridge for quick and easy breakfasts or snacks. Our most commonly used smoothie ingredients (depending on what I have on hand) are: Orange Juice, plain greek yogurt, flax seeds/chia seeds, bananas, apples, frozen blueberries and spinach. 

I also love using the extra smoothie mix to make popsicles. We really want to try the fruit & lemonade popsicles soon (like these). I use the Norpro Ice Pop Maker that I found on Amazon for under $12.00. 

Blending vs. Juicing

Both are great, I'm a huge fan of fresh fruit/veggie juice. We thought about getting a juicer in addition to our blender. I talked to my nutritionist friend about it and decided against investing in a juicer of our own. Here's why: she explained that when you juice, you discard a lot of the skin, etc. that contains a lot of fiber and other vitamins that balance out the sugars in the fruit juice. Of course, this can also be a good thing because it makes the nutrients easier to digest. 

When you blend, you are getting the fruit in it's whole state. The fibers in the skins are broken up and easier to digest and you also avoid sugar spikes. Not to mention, you use a lot less product because you're not discarding nearly as much. 

Not that juicing isn't still great, I love getting it now and then at juice bars. Just thought I'd mention that as a side note in case anyone is making that decision for themselves. 

Happy healthy eating!

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