Saturday, April 19, 2014

34 weeks

Well tomorrow I will be 35 weeks but this picture was taken on Wednesday, so we'll still call this post 34 weeks.

Well we had a little bit of a scare this week that landed us in the hospital overnight. I had some bleeding so they wanted to be extra cautious and keep me monitored for early labor. I absolutely hate getting blood drawn and IV's put in.. so those things combined with the pelvic exam were not particularly pleasant, but it was nice to have cable in our room and be able to watch Seinfeld. I did love being hooked up to the fetal monitor and hearing the baby's heartbeat constantly. 

The bleeding stopped and they couldn't find any tears or other causes for concern, so they let us go after about 30 hours. 

We also found out some surprising news about the size of the baby during our ultrasound at the hospital.. 

With only 5 weeks left to go (assuming we make it to 40 weeks), she is already 6lbs 4oz. They expect her to gain 2-3 more pounds in 5 weeks.. which is bigger than I was hoping for! Apparently, even if I cut down on calories (which they don't recommend), she will continue to grow that much anyway.. so she's the unstoppable growing baby! They think she has really long legs, which explains the sore ribs. I'm blaming Reed, he's 5'11. 

Other than the bleeding episode, I'm still feeling great and lately I've been craving fruit like crazy. Give me all the pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and mangoes! 

I hope you have a great, Easter weekend!


  1. Oh goodness- scary little episode but so glad everything's alright! And woohoo for your big healthy girl! You look adorable and fab!

  2. So glad you're alright! You look absolutely amazing, what a lucky little girl she is already!

  3. Ahhh! So scary!! Keep cookin' that baby!!


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