Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Things (Life Lately)

1. The nursery is coming together! Last week, I got some of the beautiful prints that I ordered for the gallery wall behind the changing table/dresser. A few days ago, I realized I was wearing the nursery colors (turquoise, gray and coral).. so of course a picture was warranted. That was at 30 weeks and a few days and today I'm officially 31 weeks. :) We got Chinese take-out the other night, and got the fortune above, which we both thought was very fitting!

2. R's parents totally spoiled us last weekend and took us to a metal sculpture/welding workshop in Mt. Vernon. It was such a fun day and Reed especially loved all the metal bending, cutting and welding. It's such a cool form of art, I think he found a new calling!

3. On Friday, we left for our "babymoon" and arrived here in Florida yesterday afternoon! We are staying for a few days and then driving to Atlanta where my relatives there are throwing me a shower. We have a house sitter staying with our pets and plants and watching the house, which always makes me feel better about leaving. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I have been dressing like the decor in our nursery (navy blue, grey and red) for a few months now, and I really need to stop! I just find myself always gravitating to things with anchors and stripes. :) You look great! I hope you have fun on your baby moon.


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