Monday, March 17, 2014

Eagle Cam

Fellow animal lovers and nature enthusiasts have to check out the Berry College Eagle Cam! It's a live stream of a real life Bald Eagles nest on my Alma Mater's Campus. You can watch the Eagle parents feed and protect the eaglet and I can't get enough!

I fell in love with Berry's campus when I first did a college visit there back in 2002. It's a small, Liberal Arts College in Georgia, which is where I wanted to be at that time. (I was born in the Atlanta area and all my family on my mom's side are still there. And, frankly, I was sick of Ohio and ready to live somewhere completely different.) The campus is 27,000 acres (the largest in the world) of forest, hiking/biking trails, a reservoir, dairy farm, campground, Lavender Mountains, horse farm, etc.. it's absolutely gorgeous! My nature-loving self was completely in love with it!

Anyway, the Eagles. You can read a little bit in the screen shot above and I also love checking in on the Facebook Page for updates and information. You can also see archived videos of nest attacks, the hatching, etc. I love their little Eagle family and I've gotten a few of my friends and co-workers hooked on checking in on them too.

Thought I'd share in case any other nature nerds would be interested! Have a great week!

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  1. This is the craziest idea, but it seems so cool.


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