Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Reading Nook

I have the day off today, so decided it was time to get the reading nook set up exactly how I've been wanting it. Reed helped me hang the shelves and I arranged them with books, plants, etc. I got that side table a few weeks ago at Marc's for $14.99. I am going to paint it, but haven't decided on a color yet. Maybe red? You may remember the little wooden bowl planter from this post. 

All of these items (minus the actual plants) were thrifted - the cream vase on the left documented here for 99-cents. The shelves came from Lowe's. 

Above are some of the baby/parenting books I want to read. After I finish Parenthood on Netflix, my goal is to start reading them.. :) I got that little succulent from Donzell's for $1.50 and then thrifted that shot glass for 40-cents to put it in. 

As far as the room paint goes, we painted most of the room a really light gray and then did a blue accent wall. It was a risk but we both love how the blue turned out! 

The living room is really starting to come together and this house is really feeling like home. 

I hope you have a great week!


  1. Adorable! It's so bright and YOU!

    Also, I miss Marc's.

  2. I just discovered the amazingness of Marc's home section. I love that end table, especially the fact that it has a place for you to set your magazines or books!

    Alos, loving the variety of pottery for the plants. Floating shelves are so awesome.

  3. It looks great! I love that shelf with the books. It's so cool!

  4. CUTE. I love that pillow and the chair! You have great taste.


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