Thursday, January 30, 2014

23 Weeks

Well I made it to 23 weeks! (23 and a half actually, it will be 24 on Sunday). She's been moving all around in there and it's really cool that I can actually feel it now. This is the nice in-between time.. when I can feel her movements but they're not uncomfortable yet. I'm mentally preparing for the rib kicking!

Everything went well with the anatomy scan ultrasound and she's a whole pound now! It still sounds small but since she started out the size of a poppy seed, it seems significant. According to my Bump App, she's about 10.5 inches and the size of a grapefruit. I've never seen a grapefruit that was nearly that big..

I'e been hesitant to buy any maternity clothes that I know I won't wear when I'm  not pregnant. Instead, I've gotten a lot of empire waist dresses that I can wear again. I did get some maternity work pants to wear to the office.. those will be my Thanksgiving/Chipotle pants post-pregnancy. 

Abby from Eleanor's Boots is hosting a clothing swap this weekend for some Akron/Cleveland bloggers and friends. Jessica and I are helping out too and it promises to be a great event! If you're an Akron or Cleveland blogger and want in, email me! (  


  1. You look beautiful! I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet either, but with twins it's probably inevitable. :) Empire-waist dresses are a great idea, though!

  2. I can't wait for Sunday! I'm so excited to see you!

  3. You look so lovely and pregnant! I can't wait for the swap and hopefully you can find some clothes that work for pregnancy and beyond.


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