Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life Lately

1. First and foremost, on Wednesday I went to the launch party for Lyndsey's new boutique, b.lovely! I was so excited for this event.. not only because Lyndsey has amazing taste and I needed Christmas gifts, but also because I'm so happy for her! She has been talking about doing this for years and I know how much time and effort she put into making her dream a reality. More on that coming soon!

2. We are moving next week and have been busy busy getting the new house ready to move into! We wanted to do all the painting, etc. before moving in.. so we've been doing that and moving little things along the way. I use the term "we" lately because basically I just picked the colors. We got the paint that is VOC free and a mask for me to wear to protect the baby.. but it pinches my nose and eh, you know. So R is doing most of the painting. He's better at it anyway. Anyway! The sellers left that awesome runner for the steps and I love it! It's funky and colorful and fun.. and I'm so glad they left it for us.

3. I'm still pregnant! (Thank you, GOD!) I was worried there after I got the stomach flu a few weeks ago.. but it's alive! We met our OB last week (LOVE her) and heard the heartbeat. I also got one of those fetal doppler home heart monitor things so I can make sure the baby is alive in between appointments. Yep, I'm a freak. AND - we are finding out the sex on December 23rd!! I just had to know before Christmas, and our OB doesn't schedule the ultrasound til 20 weeks - that would make it sometime in January. Not good enough. So we're going to one of those cheesy 4-D ultrasound places in Cleveland to find out right at 18 weeks. I just think Christmas would be the perfect time to "announce" the sex to our families (I'm picturing wrapping up a sailors outfit or tutu for my dad to open!). I am just so excited to know, even though it doesn't matter. If it's a girl, she'll still wear blue, play baseball and legos (and I'm sure Barbie's too, whatever she wants). If it's a boy.. he can still play with stuffed animals and even dolls.. boys need to learn how to nurture too, in my opinion. This picture was from 15 weeks, when baby was the size of an orange. Today I'm 17 weeks and he or she is the size of an onion.

4. I decided it would be fun to put up the Christmas decorations at the new house, so we could enjoy them while we get the new house ready to move into. That way, when we do move in next week it's already ready for Christmas! We've had the same, poor quality, artificial tree since 2007 (when we lived in our first apartment together). I just love the memory of having that silly tree in all of our different dwelling places. It's all about the ornaments anyway.

5. This is the kitchen in the new house and we love it. Notice that is an actual, working dishwasher! We haven't had one of those since we moved from our condo 2.5 years ago. The sellers updated the kitchen a few years ago and did a really nice job.

6. My step-mom got me that necklace from Anthropologie as a 2nd trimester present a few weeks ago. It's really funky and different and I think I like it. It's the type of thing I would never pick out for myself but it's special because it was a thoughtful gift.

I hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Congrats on the new house! I think it's great that you already put Christmas decorations up there. :) Oh, and yay for finding out the sex of the baby! That's so exciting. What a great Christmas present!

  2. a lot of exciting things going on for you! I totally understand your pain with the dishwasher, the last two apartments I've lived in didn't have dishwashers...over it. Can't wait till you find out the sex of the baby!


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