Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Thrifted Finds

Over the weekend, I went on a little thrifting adventure with Megan of Kiddo TV and we found some good stuff! I had a lucky shoe day and she found the prettiest chartreuse-y, hippie top (among other things).

1. Legit Gianni Bini heels in my size and in great shape - $3.00

2. Polka dot top: $2.00

3. The cutest strawberry mug for my hanging mug display! 60-cents

4. Burgundy heels for work - $2.50

5. Beautiful patterned trivets - $2.50

I was thinking the trivets would look good as a wall decoration if I decide to use them for that someday. Don't they have the prettiest patterns?

After we hit the thrift store, we went to Angel Falls in Highland Square and had a great, impromptu blogger meet-up with Jessica of Midwest Muse. It really was a wonderful Sunday!

I hope you have a great Tuesday,


  1. Those shoes are pristine! Great finds! I'm so glad you girls had a great day!

  2. Those trivets are amazing. I definitely think you should hang them on the wall!


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