Saturday, August 24, 2013

Digital Media Tour at the Akron Art Museum

On Thursday night, I had the opportunity to attend a Digital Media Tour at the amazing Akron Art Museum. I was lucky enough bring Reed and it was a great little night out for us together.

We got to tour the Real/Surreal Exhibit that features over 60 paintings, photographs, prints and drawings from 1930-1955. Needless to say, it was a fantastic experience and getting to take photographs inside was such a treat!

Our tour guide was chief curator Janice Driesbach herself, so of course she  was incredibly knowledgable and interesting! She and all the Art Museum staff we interacted with were really friendly and helpful. 

I thought it was really cool that the museum had some interactive activities set up like the Velcro board pictured above and also a few tables with tablets for games and learning.

As you can imagine, the art speaks for itself. The incredible detail and precision in some of them was seriously amazing! The painting pictured on the left above, Mirror of Life by Henry Koerner, is worth a trip to the AAM all in itself. There was so much going on, we could have looked at it for hours!

Another highlight of the evening was hanging out with Jessica of Midwest Muse and her sister Nicole and also meeting the lovely Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest. Of course no event is complete without a blogger photo opp.  :)

After the exhibit we headed to Lockview (where else?) to eat and bid farewell to our friend Sarah who is embarking on a new adventure in LA in a few days! Best of luck, Sarah :)

Big thanks to the Akron Art Museum for having us and to Intern Allison (and Jessica!) for the invite! I can't wait to go back. This is such a great place to have here in Akron. Aside from this amazing exhibit, the museum has several other exhibit-related events that are free or very inexpensive. They have Art History 101 in September (with a KSU Art Historian for free!), a film series, free downtown@dusk concerts, and even a book club! Be sure to check them out on the web for more info on these special events or visiting the museum:

Happy Saturday!


  1. It was so lovely meeting you! Hope to see you soon at the clothing swap. :)

  2. Wow that looks like a lovely time! I'm from Ohio and had never heard of the Akron art museum but now I think I need to plan a trip! Thanks for sharing! You run a wonderful blog.
    xo Nicole

  3. That exhibit was awesome and I'm glad we also got to get Lockview! Now don't forget to decide what cupcakes you want for the swap...

  4. This sounds like a lovely day out! It's fun when museums have good interactive projects set up. I aaaaalways do all the experiments etc, haha! xo

  5. This looks fun! I wish Salt Lake had more interesting art museums. I love your floral top, too!


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