Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Flowers and Phones

My lovely Sister-in-law had a dinner party over the weekend and gave me a jar of beautiful flowers for my very own. Officially confirming one thing...

There is nothing prettier than a sunflower.

 Something big happened over the weekend. Reed's phone was on the fritz so we took it to the Verizon store. The consultant didn't think there was much hope for Reed's phone and it was clear we would be leaving with a new phone. Not to mention, we were eligible for an upgrade. Well, Reed isn't one for technology so if anyone was getting something new it was me. So I finally took the plunge.

I'm now an Iphone user.

And so far, it feels good.

I'm mostly excited for group texting and a way better selection of cases. I already ordered this pretty one from Ebay. A floral one, no surprises there.

I hope you have a very happy 4th of July! Meanwhile, I'll be here enjoying my flowers and group texting.

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  1. I am catching up on blogs tonight:) Yours is so lovely:)


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