Sunday, July 21, 2013

Guest Post: Adding a Color Splash to a Monochrome Room

As you may know, I have a love of decorating and a definite appreciation of color! However, sometimes it can be really nice to have a simple room with fun pops of color. That is what Lisa is going to inspire us with us today! 

Hi all! This is Lisa Jolan and I am very thankful to Rachel for allowing me to do a guest post at For the Birds. Today I am going to talk about how we can turn a boring room into an inviting haven by adding a color splash. Hope everyone will love it.  I can be found on Facebook or Twitter.

Cool minimalism looks stunning: a stark arrangement of uncluttered furniture, spare geometric line and smooth polished surfaces, but it is not known for being a friendly or warm look at all. If you are becoming a little tired or bored with all the clean expanses of fabric, leather, metal or wood do not despair. There are a few touches that can be added to a monotone theme or very plain furniture arrangement that can transform the room, retaining the easy maintenance features while imbuing it with warmth, color and comfort.

Sign of Uniqueness

A signature piece of furniture can look fabulous and draw attention to a focal point in the room, erasing some of the bland effects of a standard furniture suite. This is especially effect if you add, for example, a bright red, unusually shaped armchair to a room otherwise furnished with neutral colors or earth shades. If you are not keen on adding other hues to a room with a very strict color scheme, you can have an appropriately colored but distinctively shaped or sized piece of furniture – such as an old steamer trunk painted to match the theme. Installing something out of the ordinary in a room that is strongly regulated in every other way adds a hint of quirkiness to the staid d├ęcor.

Cast Colorful Shadows

Having an all-white room can look simply stunning, but all that dazzling brilliance can become a little wearying. If you are reluctant to allow any more furniture or ornament into the room you can make an amazing change by simply changing the lampshade on a table lamp or overhead light. A Tiffany-style shade available at Universal Lighting can cast glorious patches of color into the room, creating a welcome change of scenery for a short time, before the room is restored to pure whiteness by the next day's dawning.

Create a Show

Allow ornaments and framed pictures to tell a tale by arranging them in clusters that spell out themes or narratives. For example, a picture made from leaves, pebbles and flower petals could rest next to a framed photo of the child that made it, while adjacent could be a memento of that child's babyhood, a locket with a curl of hair, or bronzed baby shoe perhaps. A vase of flowers could stand proudly over a small display of ornaments whose colors are enhanced by those of the blooms. These small touches can go a long way to transform a cool and clinical room into a warm and loving one.

Soften the Edges

Cushions and throws are the cheapest and easiest way to transform a room! A multitude of brightly colored cushions instantly add that necessary splash of color, while throws can be artfully draped, severely folded and precisely placed or even spread over the entire sofa to transform the look and feel of the seat. If the budget allows it, change your sofa to a friendlier, cushioned one, especially if the current one is too spare and minimalist for you. Shop4furniture has a fabulous range of sofas in all styles and sizes and you are sure to find the perfect, comfortable addition to your home. Once the furniture is right, you can invest in several sets of cushions and throws and mix and match them to create different, beautiful effects in the room. 

Hopefully, these ideas will enable you to brighten up your dull rooms, adding in touches of individuality and splashes of color to inject liveliness and vibrancy into the home. Have a look online to see how others have transformed their boring or monotone rooms into inviting havens!

Thanks, Lisa! What great ideas. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cool! That chair is amazing. My problem is that I have too much color in my living room that sometimes I feel like it's overwhelming for people. But whatever, I can't live without color! I keep my bedroom super simple with tons of white and a pop of green.

    1. Thanks for your comment Dina, the way you keep your bedroom super simple with tons of white and a pop of green is amazing.

  2. I really want my rooms to be bright and beautiful, but in Arizona, it also makes the room unbearably hot. Interior decorating is definitely trickier than I thought.

    7% Solution​

    1. Hi Aki, Thanks for your comment; I have never visited Arizona. But it’s really sad to know that the interior decorating is trickier there. :(

  3. There's some great inspiration here! I really love the stripey chair, it's gorgeous xx

  4. Pretty! I love the rainbow chair and the sunburst mirror!


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