Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Urban Inspiration

For Christmas a few weeks ago, a generous uncle gave me a Visa Giftcard, insisting I spend it on something 'impractical'. Of course my first thought is to spend it doing some online shopping. First stop..  Urban Outfitters

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Pretty and functional knee high socks.

Adorable little flower and stud earring set.

I feel like these high-rise cigarette pants would be really flattering.

How cute is this gold arrow pin?

Loving this beautiful, chiffon dress

I love the structured small straps of this brown tote.

I really love this Amari tee - I love the color and the pattern so much!

Not pictured but worth checking out:

I love the mint colored option of this backless lace dress.

This beautiful lace top maxi dress.

I love this scoop back top.

How pretty is this lace collar dress? I love the burgundy colored option.

Where would you spend a Visa gift card - any ideas?


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  1. LOVE Urban Outfitters, and all of these picks are perfect!! Need that pin


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